Mike Moss, This morning you mentioned Golf Ball sized hail and Wind Damage(from severe storms?) in Moore County. There are trace reports of such an event occurring just before the 3 am hour. But these are only on search engines. The actuall NOAA reports have been removed. Why would such a report be removed, and how, if it was removed for justifiable reasons could "Golf Ball sized Hail" be mistaken as anything else by those (Human or Mechanical) in a position to place such a report on NOAA in the first place?

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Billy Crider

MIKE MOSS SAYS:      Billy,     Regarding how a mistaken severe weather report might get into the Storm Prediction Center database, simple human observational or communications error can lead to an occasional inaccurate report. In some cases, these are caught and removed and in some cases no one probably ever realizes an error was made, especially if the report was within reasonable bounds given the weather situation at hand.

In this specific case, however, so far as I can tell no change has been made to the SPC storm report listings, and both the golf ball sized (1.75 inch-diameter) hail and wind damage report (trees down) for Moore County from early Saturday morning remain present in the listing for the period 8 am Friday to 8 am Saturday. You can find it at this address:


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