I want to let you know that it is 11:24pm Sund. night. My temp for louisburg has read....41, 39, 37, 39, and 45 in the last hour. Please check if this station is messed up. I depend on this for my future garden. I can not afford to lose it. My son depends on it.

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Angela Mooney

MIKE MOSS SAYS:        Angela,    The weather station there is an automated FAA site at the Louisburg Frankin County airport (call sign KLHZ) and as near as I can tell, seems to be operating fine. On the night you referred to, temperatures were beginning to fall as winds became calm and skies mainly clear, but around 11 pm the wind began to blow from time to time from the east. When this happens on a clear, cool night it is not unusual for the temperature to climb several degrees in a short period, due to the mixing out of a surface-based temperature inversion in which warmer air a few tens of feet above the surface is carried down to ground level. Sometimes this pattern will repeat itself several times through the night, so that the temperature kind of "stair-steps" downward.


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