Where did March go?!?!?

March brings interesting weather and interesting changes.

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red ribbon bowl
Chris Thompson
Seems like only yesterday we were adjusting our clocks ahead one hour for Daylight Saving Time. This is a tough change for those of us who come into work at 2 or 3 in the morning. Now when we go to bed it is still quite bright out and the sound of children playing can be heard outside in the distance. The morning light that was just starting to show when my daughter catches the bus to school in the morning is back to darkness. It won’t be that bright at that hour again until April 20th.

March tends to be an interesting month, meteorologically speaking. Severe weather, frosty mornings, warm, windy days are just part of the weather landscape this month. I really like the windy weather we’ve been experiencing lately. One of my hobbies is woodturning and I am always on the hunt for some interesting wood to turn into a bowl, platter, or some other object. Windy days make for good hunting as large branches come down and weak trees expose themselves. Hopefully these things happen without personal damage or injury, and I am usually ready with my chainsaw in the trunk on my car. I have plenty of friends that understand my strange obsession and will bring me nice chunks of wood. Tim Grissom, who oversees the landscaping for Capitol Broadcasting found an old piece of wood while surveying our transmitter sight near Clayton. He brought it to me, and I turned it into a bowl keeping some parts natural with moss and lichen still attached. This piece won second place at the 2007 NC State Fair.

 As we go through April our normal high temperature goes from 68 to 75 degrees, and the morning lows climbs from 43 to 50. In spite of the “April showers bring May flowers” thing, April is our driest month, averaging just under 3 inches of rain. Let’s hope that doesn’t pan out this year, we really need to see some more rain before the hot summer months set in.

One more note, if you haven’t checked it out yet, go to WRAL.COMs “golo” and scroll down to Angela’s blog and check out the Martin goes to Everest postings. A gentleman from Cisco is on his way to climb Everest and is communicating back to the students of Martin Middle School. Check out the student’s blogs and the pictures he is sending back.


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