I have recently bought a watch that tells you the barometric presser that mesures in inhg or hpa i live in north carolina (conover). Could you tell me which of the above measurements is most often used in this area?

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Curtis Lewis

MIKE MOSS SAYS:       Curtis,     Most of the standard weather reports on TV will provide a barometric pressure reading given in inches of mercury, so you may find it more convenient to use that setting. Note that you may also hear pressures referred to in units of millibars (mb) from time to time, which is the same thing as hectopascals (hPa). If you ever need to convert between the two, you can do so by knowing that 29.92 inches HG = 1013.25 hPa (or mb). Also, numerous online weather calculator sites have conversion routines for various pressure units (along with features to aid in converting temperature units, wind speeds, etc).


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