We just had a tornado drill at our school. We go to an area that is a windowless hallway. There was some dicussion as to whether or not we should have left the windows in our classrooms open and whether we should have left the classroom doors open. Some felt opening them would lessen the pressure on the window. I said perhaps the windows, but close the doors so flying glass does not come into the hallway where we are. What is your learned opinion?

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Emilie Davenport

MIKE MOSS SAYS:      Emilie,    I think most experts on tornado safety would recommend leaving the windows alone and putting your efforts and time strictly toward getting away from outside walls and into windowless hallways and smaller interior rooms like closets and offices (not large free-span roof areas like cafeterias and gymnasiums, though), the idea being to put as many walls between your students and the outside as possible. Closing the classroom doors when you moved into the halls was probably a good idea, since that more or less "completes" the additional wall that borders the hallway and would serve as an additional buffer to help stop any objects that blow in through the outside walls or windows.


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