Why do you put five days of weather temperatures up and then put six days of low temperatures under them. What temperatures go with which days. Please explain this.

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John Jackson

MIKE MOSS SAYS:      John,    The five high temperatures are for the daytime periods represented by the labels (MON, TUE, etc) and the forecast icons on the graphic. The low temperatures are for the mornings in between the listed days, beginning with the first day of the forecast. The intent of the arrangement is that the temperatures are shown in temporal order from left to right. So, for a 5-day forecast that starts with Monday, for example, the order would be:

          Mon PM High     Tue PM High     Wed PM High     Thu PM High     Fri PM High


Mon AM Low    Tue AM Low     Wed AM Low     Thu AM Low     Fri AM Low      Sat AM Low

Hope that helps!


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