I have a weather radio that I purchased bout 8 years ago from WRAL. The sound on it is turned all the way up, but we can barely hear it. I think it also needs reprogramming but I don't know how to do it. I don't have any instructions left for it. Can you please help me?

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Mary Lou Riley

MIKE MOSS SAYS:      Mary Lou,       Thanks for purchasing one of the weather alert radios through WRAL. I'm afraid we discontinued our sales partnership for weather radios several years ago. Regarding the unit you own, you may be able to find a local electronics repair shop that can address the low volume issue, although it may be a close call as to whether a repair bill would be cost effective compared to purchasing a new radio. They are widely available these days at most electronics retailers and from many sources online at very reasonable prices - be sure to look for the ability to receive SAME (specific area message encoding) alerts.

If you are able to restore the volume on your existing radio, you may be able to find programming instructions online in the form of a user manual. A good starting place is the address below. Just pick the radio that looks most like yours, and there is a good chance the programming instructions will be similar for your model.

Also, you can find all the appropriate codes that have to be entered in the radio to set it for specific counties at this web site:


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