I am doing some research and I need to know how many days last year the temperature was above 80 degrees. Also, can you tell me how many days we had code orange and red days?

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Dennis Jacot

MIKE MOSS SAYS:         Dennis,       I did a quick scan and came up with 168 days with a high temperature at or above 80 degrees for 2007. You can double-check that if you'd like using the monthly listings available at

Where you will see a table of observations at the bottom of the page (there is also a "next month" link near the top of the page to step ahead through the year).

As for Code Orange and Code Red Ozone days, the Triangle area verification listings for 2007 show 73 Code Yellow Days, 5 Code orange and 0 Code Red. You can look up statistics for other areas of the state or other years at


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