I noticed for the second time with the weather the way it is that there are 5 counties that are not included in any sort of advisory though they are surrounded by counties that are. Why are they not included? Different criteria for their area? Terrain feature that makes the weather go around them? Big plastic bubble that only gets bad weather when shaken? Ok, just kidding on that last one but still curious.

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Ron Cole

MIKE MOSS SAYS:         Ron,       What you noticed was a bug in the software that we use to automatically color-code watches and warnings by county that was not properly interpreting some of the National Weather Service codes issued for a few counties in southwestern NC. The company that makes mapping and display software finally tracked down the issue and wrote a fix in the past few weeks and we have implemented the update in our on-air and web graphics systems. If you notice the problem again, please let us know, but I think that future "statewide" watches and warnings will display properly now.

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