The 9 first grade classes at my school (West Clayton Elementary) are having a 9 day bake sale to raise money for tornado victims from the recent tornadoes. Because in March, 1984 my family lost everything in a Red Springs, NC tornado, this cause is very important and personal to me. We want to donate whatever money we raise to a specific town rather than a general fund (such as the Red Cross). We were wondering if you could recommend a town or give us a list of several towns that suffered damage. Thank you for in advance for any help.

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Traci Hayes

MIKE MOSS SAYS:        Traci,    That is a wonderful idea, and I commend the generous gesture on the part of yourself and your students. A few of the communities involved in that tornado outbreak include Moulton AL, Hartsville TN, Greenville KY and the area of Gallatin to Tompkinville KY (where 24 perished). There is a fairly extensive listing of the tornadoes that occurred in the event along with locations and descriptions of their impacts at

You might like to look s through that for additional details in making your choice. My sympathies as well regarding your losses in the 1984 tornado.


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