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I am doing a project with my son and we need to find the low temps for Raleigh and Trenton N.J. back to Jan. 16. Is there a web site that we can find this info?

Posted January 23, 2008 12:18 p.m. EST

MIKE MOSS SAYS:      Dan,    To check the numbers for RDU specifically, you can click the "Almanac" link on our main weather page (or go to www.wral.com/weather/almanac/), where you will find a "Get Historical Data" section with a drop-down date selector. You can choose any past date back to 1948 with this feature. Also, once you arrive at the page with archived data, you can choose to view weekly or monthly information, or change to a different airport if desired, in this case Trenton, the identifier for which is KTTN.