Our son called from Wilmington tonight (Dec 10,2007) - wondering if we, here in Wake Forest, could see the not very bright, but visible to the naked eye object in the southern sky. We could! With binoculars it appeared V-shaped and seemed to move slowly toward the north-east. Not like a meteor. Comet perhaps?? Any ideas?

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Also got this from Dawn - "I was sitting on my back porch eating dinner in this beautiful warm weather and looked straight up and saw a comet or what looked like a comet. I could see it moving off very slowly toward the north sky, and after about 45 min. it faded away or moved out of eyesight. Any idea what it was?"

And from Victor - "Just wanted to ask if anyone reported seeing anything in the night sky about 7:30 - 8:15 pm. my wife and I watched an object for about 45 minutes that appeared to be falling. I took video and tried to take a picture but my equipment could not pick it up properly. looked through binoculars and it was strange looking to say the least. let me know if you are interested. sorry I can only describe it if you want. curious to know if anyone else was watching?"


MIKE MOSS SAYS:         Louise and Dawn,    There was an Atlas rocket launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station that afternoon that later released fuel at a very high altitude. The fuel cloud was illuminated by the sun and because of its height was visible in many areas across the eastern United States. You can see a photo and video of the cloud at by using the archive function in the upper right corner of the page to select December 11, 2007. Glad you were able to catch a glimpse!

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