My husband is very interested in meteorology and reads several websites on the topic ..he wants to know more, like: it didn't rain but was suppose to what conditions factored that. Are there any books for amateurs on the subject OR any type of organizations etc. I'm trolling for Christmas gifts!

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Lea Eaton

MIKE MOSS SAYS:       Lea,     There is a range of books available on the subject that you might consider, most of which would be available through any major bookseller. For general reading, books like the Golden Guide to Weather, Peterson/Audobon field guides, The USA Today Weather Book, and "Restless Skies" have good reputations, and there's a reference on record weather events called "Extreme Weather" that should be interesting. Some basic introductory college level texts, light on mathematics, might be good choices as well, and include "Meteorology Today", "The Atmosphere", and "Essentials of Meteorology". More technical treatments are given in "Atmospheric Science: An Introductory Survey" and "Meteorology for Scientists & Engineers". I didn't list authors here, but you can find more information (and probably some reviews) on each of those titles at online bookstore sites.

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