I may have missed it or you have tried it before but I think a block where one can put in a Zip Code OR US City name and retrieve the weather forecast for that location would be of great value rather than having to go elsewhere to get that info for ANY reason.

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Chuck Littlewood

MIKE MOSS SAYS:       Chuck,    The new animated 5-day forecast area that our web designers added to the main weather page recently includes a box that you can use to search for a forecast anywhere in the U.S. by entering either "city, state" or a zip code and then pressing the "enter" key. The local 5-day forecast (produced by WRAL WeatherCenter meteorologists) will then be replaced by a 5-day National Weather Service forecast for that location.

Note that you can mouse over any day of the forecast to read a text description below the 5-day image, and if the text description is too long to read you can also scroll it down using the slider bar to the right of the text. We are still working to eliminate an occasional gremlin that causes the wrong icon to appear on the 5-day image, so if there seems to be a discrepancy between the image and the text, the text should be given priority when interpreting the forecast (you can also see a 5-day image captured directly from our on-air show by clicking the "5-Day Forecast" link on the gray menu bar across the top of the sceen). Also, clicking on a particular day will jump to a detailed forecast for that day showing expected conditions for every three hours. This forecast is derived from the National Digital Forecast Database populated by NWS forecast offices throughout the country.

Just above the 5-day image is a brief readout of current conditions at the RDU airport - this observation also changes to whatever location has been entered into the search field, and can be expanded to display more detailed information (winds, dew point, preddure, etc) by clicking the "Full Details" button.


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