Any predictions on when we should get our first frost in Southern Wake / Northern Johnston Co?

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MIKE MOSS SAYS:     Teresa,     Sorry I 've been on vacation and didn't get to this sooner - by now you are probably aware that there is a fairly good chance of frost in that area for late tonight and early in the day tomorrow (Tue Oct 30, 2007). It appears most of us will remain a little above freezing in terms of air temperature, but of course on a cold, clear night with light winds surfaces may become several degrees colder than the air a few feet above. If there is enough moisture in the air adjacent to the surface when that happens, frost can form. After all the rain last week, and with vegetation still abundant, it is likely we will have enough moisture late tonight for pockets of frost. Note that that there may be a few areas, especially south and east of the Triangle, where winds will continue to stir at times overnight. This could keep temperatures up a bit more and drier air mixed to the surface as well, limiting frost formation there.

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