My daughter needs to know the temperature and winds at 8pm the last four nights. She didn't realize that she was supposed to be collecting data over the weekend nights and we were out of the house at 8pm last night, so she missed making those observations. Is there a place where I can find that? I saw the place that shows the 30 day....but that only shows the highs and lows for each day.

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Suzi Waters

MIKE MOSS SAYS:       Suzi,   On our main weather page, click the Almanac link. There you'll find a date selector labeled "Get historical data:" You can select any day and that will open a page that shows a summary as well as detailed hour by hour readings for the Raleigh-Durham airport for that day. You can also switch the view to weekly or monthly summaries, or can change to other reporting locations if there is a weather station closer to your home or you happen to be interested in readings from a site in another state, for example.

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