The dual doppler is an advance in weather technology. Is there a website where you could find examples of future weather forecasting tools and equipment that are in development?

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Wilson Cheeley

MIKE MOSS SAYS:    Wilson,    That's a good question, but it's difficult to point you to a single site that summarizes neatly a few instruments or models that will be inroduced into the weather forecasting community. Much of the research and development underway is spread around a number of government laboratories and universities, and in many cases is long term and evolutionary in nature (gradually improving current instruments, models and display technology based on improvements in our understanding of how the atmosphere works) rather than focused on a neat new tool to be fielded. Even something like the dual polarization (polarimetric)  technology used on our new radar was a long time in development, as there are references to polarimetric weather radar measurements from the 1960s, and a protoype forerunner of the polarimetric version of National Weather Service radar (due to be fielded in the next 3-5 years) began operation at Cimarron, Oklahoma back in 1985. Indeed, research continues today on optimizing the interpretation of dual-polarization signals at places like the National Severe Storms Laboratory and the University of Alabama-Huntsville, among others.

This is  a far from complete listing, but here are few web sites with some meteorology-related research project descriptions that will give you some sense of the breadth of work underway and some of the tools being developed or ugraded...


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