My wife is wondering about the two kids at the bus stop at 5.10 am every morning. was this elizabeth's idea cause its great.we enjoy talking about who dresses the kids each day and changes the hair color etc. please let me know more about this.

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Ken Harding

MIKE MOSS SAYS:      Ken,      Elizabeth decided to add the bus stop weather when schedules changed and she moved into the weekday morning weather slot a few years back. The graphics are made using an animated background scene that includes a bus rolling up to the stop, and then a pair of "telestrated" overlay images that the system labels "Bus Stop Kid 1" and "Bus Stop Kid 2." Each of these positions can be filled with any of a series of tif images that are chosen from a matrix that consists of three male and two female children of various ethnicities, each of which is available in a range of dress all the way from swimsuits to snow suits with goggles (Elizabeth likens the full snow suit look to "Kenny" in South Park - fortunately, though, when she uses them the bus doesn't hit the kids!) Each day she just looks over the list and tries to choose something appropriate to the weather at hand, while also varying the combination of kids among the five available in the system. All of the graphics, by the way, are included as a part of the overall weather graphics program that we use, the :LIVE system produced by a company called Weather Central, Inc.

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