Was it 2005 when we had 3 hurricanes right behind each other coming in from the Atlantic and what were the names (I think one of them was Katrina)?...I recently saw a picture of it and would like to get one for my "hurricane wall" at the beach...Thanks

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Three Tropical Cyclones, 1996

MIKE MOSS SAYS:      Kim,     Even though we had a terrific number of tropical cyclones in 2005, I was unable to find a period where one could see three storms lined up in the way you imply, and Katrina in particular was somewhat on its own in most satellite imagery of the storm. I'm not sure if either of the attached images are the one you're thinking of, but here are a couple of examples of multiple Atlantic tropical systems. The first has the "lined up on final approach" apearance you alluded to, and it includes Hurricane Eduoard, Hurricane Fran and Tropical Storm Gustav, all shown on August 29, 1996. The second image includes four storms that were all at hurricane strength, although they are not lined up in any notable way. The storms are Georges, Ivan, Jeanne and Karl, all shown on September 26, 1998.

You may be able to find other images with multiple storms, in case one of these was not what you had in mind. A good place to look is by using the National Climatic Data Center's Historical Significant Events satellite Imagery (HSEI) database search form, available at this address:

Here you can choose the event category, define a range of years to search, and include keywords to narrow the focus.

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