Is there a place where annual data is kept that shows how many days set new high or low temperature records for Raleigh. It seems like we have been breaking high temperature records at a high rate this year and I was wanting to compare it to other years.

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Tim Ellison

MIKE MOSS SAYS:     Tim,  I'm not aware of a good resource for checking the number of new records set in any given year (if anyone who reads this knows of one, please write in and let us know). There is an archive of recent record reports, but it only goes back about six or eight months. Although by now the numbers would be more meaningful, it is also the case that you have to be a little careful interpreting the number of new records in some cases. For example, the historical data for RDU only goes back to the mid 1940s, so you would find lots of RDU records being set in the first few years after that (although common sense would dictate against citing it that way, technically every day had a "record high" the first year that records were maintained, and you can figure that a lot of records were either tied or broken the second year, a few less the third year and so on).

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