The recent question about days over 95 in August leads me to a related one: what's the normal number of days 90 and above in a summer? And the normal number of 100+ days? Are we at a record yet in these categories?

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Phelps Gates

MIKE MOSS SAYS:       Phelps,      The normal number of days at or above 90 for the Raleigh-Durham airport is 39. We are currently at 64 days (as of 29 Aug) and the record for RDU was 72 in 1953. Note that official records for "Raleigh" began being taken at the airport in the mid 1940s, with a series of other "official" Raleigh sites before that stretching back to 1887. Records from that entire stretch include 1941, when the temperature (then taken at Raleigh Municipal Airport) reached 90 or higher 82 times.

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