Last night we were in Henderson at a truck pull. At about 11:30pm we were sitting on some bleachers and the bleachers and ground started shaking and vibrating for about 15-20 seconds. No trucks were starting up or running at the time. Nobody seemed to know what was going on. I know that there are some fault lines within North Carlonina. Has there been any mention of a tremor or anything like that sited? I was in Arkansas years ago in a Mall and a tremor happened, and it felt the same.

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Gail Boggess

MIKE MOSS SAYS:       Gail,      You may have seen a recent  similar question from Veronica in Knightdale. As in her case, I took a look at the web address below, and found that no quakes had been recorded for our state since August 4th.

I also checked a wider region to make sure there hadn't been one in a surrounding state that may have been the culprit, and likewise, there have been no nearby events during the past week. Here is the address for visualizing all U.S. quakes in the past seven days:


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