How many days this August over 95 degrees vs. How many August days last three years over 95 degrees? I just thought that would make an interesting comparison stat, and I could not find it. Global warming? (for whatever reason)

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Jay Joiner

MIKE MOSS SAYS:       Jay,     So far this August we've exceeded 95 degrees (reached 96 or higher, that is) 16 times, quite the jump from the past three years, in which we reached that level or higher 0, 1, and 6 times respectively. I'm not aware of a method to confidently tie a sudden short-term regional temperature increase like this one, which could simply turn out to be an unusually strong weather fluctuation, to global warming, so I can't really answer that part of the question. Likewise one couldn't imply some kind of large-scale cooling was underway based on the fact that we reached 96 or higher 4 times in Aug 2001, 7 times in 2002, but then none in August 2003 or 2004.

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