What is the record # of 100 degree days at RDU in a month/season?

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Jim Lore

MIKE MOSS SAYS:       Jim,    Since observations started at the RDU site in the mid 1940s, the record for days with 100-degree or higher temperatures was 12 in 1999, followed by 8 days in 1952, this year with (so far) 6 days, and three years (1953, 1977, and 1983) with 5 days each. You may also find it interesting that there was a 16 year stretch (1960 through 1975) during which the temperature at RDU never reached 100 degrees. Also, note that there is a bit of an informal "asterisk" that goes with the 1999 record, because of some questions regarding how representative the readings were of properly sited temperatures that year. I briefly addressed that issue in a recent Q&A that is located at this address:

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