I own a home in Knightdale and my house just shook like someone was outside shaking it. After my daughter and I went outside to see what happened, we found nothing. By chance we didn't experience some seismic activity did we. I have a solid 2 story home and there was nothing to suggest anything else but a minor quake-shake. Have you had any other stories like this in the last 5 minutes?

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Veronica Bryant

MIKE MOSS SAYS:         Veronica,   Your message was posted on the 9th of August, and in checking the most recent earthquake detected in our state, I found that it occurred on August 4th, so whatever shook your home apparently was more local in nature, perhaps associated with nearby construction or demolition, a large truck or train, etc. As far as I can tell, we didn't receive other reports of shaking in that same time frame. Here is a quick place to check when and where the most recent earthquake in our state was recorded - a handy resource when you feel a suspicious rumble of that sort...

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