According to a friend, a tornado touched down behind Outback in Goldsboro @ 1830-is this true?

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Paula Craig

MIKE MOSS SAYS:     Paula,     I'm answering this question a couple of weeks after you posted it, as I've been away on Air Force Reserve duty. You're referring to the severe weather event that occurred in Goldsboro on Friday the 10th of August. The storm survey performed by National Weather Service personnel in the wake of that event indicated damage levels and patterns consistent with intense downburst winds that likely ranged between 80 and 90 mph across parts of the area. A tornadic pattern was not detected during the inspection, although radar did indicate some rotation aloft in a part of the storm cell that moved by a little south of the main damage area.

For much more detailed information on this storm, I would refer you to an excellent summary page that the Raleigh NWS posted online. It contains a wealth of analysis, satellite imagery, radar loops and photos related to this event. The address for the summary is

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