I would be interested in seeing a radar generated year to date and a 3 month to date total precipitation map of NC.I specifically would like to see the total rainfall amounts around the Fayetteville area. It has rained very little in my area but it rains "often" just north of me. Is there such a map?

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Tim Warren

MIKE MOSS SAYS:       Tim,     There are a couple of places I can point to that you may find useful in this regard.

First, a precipitation estimate page from the National Weather Service that has evolved into a very nice product. It provides a U.S. map with color-coded precipitation estimates that stretch over a variety of user-selectable time spans, including the year-to-date and 90-day periods you mentioned. You can view total precipitation (estimated from a combination of radar, rain gauge and satellite data), normal precipitation (based on 30 years of data ending with the most recent "zero" year), departure from normal, and percent of normal. Simply clicking on the desired time period and type of display puts it onscreen almost instantly. While the site always defaults initially to a national view, you can click on any state to zoom in, and can toggle on/off city names, highways, county lines, rivers, etc. The address for the analysis is:

An alternate site that is a bit less sophisticated, but with similar data, is the precipitation section of the Southeast Regional Climate Center. In this case, simillar maps are available for both precipitation and temperature. Here is the address for precipitation, and there is a link on the display to switch to temperature if desired.


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