I've been trying to find historical barometric pressure readings- can you please recommend a website? Also, is there one that tracks it for the Raliegh area by hour?

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Mary Baldwin

MIKE MOSS SAYS:      Mary,     If you click on our "almanac" link, you will find a date selector box for retrieving weather observations from past dates (the default is "yesterday") for the Raleigh-Durham airport. This data is retrieved from a web site called Weather Underground, and once you go to the selected day for RDU, you will see options to change the view to weekly or monthly listings, and also to select other locations if you wish.

Each of these dipslays includes sea level pressure (barometric) readings, including an hourly reding listed in a table on the "daily" observations page, and graphs of pressure that can be seen on the daily, weekly and monthly pages. Hopefully, this will serve the purpose you have in mind.

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