As you can see, the direction of the wind as measured and illustrated by your current stats between Raleigh and RDU are in opposite directions. Is that an instrumentation error, or are we somehow experiencing variable winds today,07/26/07 @3:45PM.

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Stephen Irwin

MIKE MOSS SAYS:      Stephen,     It is quite possible this time of year to have notable variations in wind speed and direction due to weak pressure gradients and sometimes the presence of isolated or scattered thunderstorm cells and their outflows from different directions. Your message noted that at the time you looked at our weather observations page, winds at RDU were shown as North at 6 mph, while winds at the WRAL studios were south-southeast at 4 mph. A review of observations through the afternoon at RDU for that day revealed several observations of "variable" winds, indicating that even at the single station the wind direction and speed were highly inconsistent, which is a very good indicator that winds may be equally variable from one location to another.

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