Does WRAL and Channel "11" use the same Doppler Radar Stations?

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David Frey

MIKE MOSS SAYS:        David,     At this time, each station owns and operates a single Baron Services Doppler radar located near where U.S. 70 crosses the Wake-Johnston county line. All other radar "sweeps" that you see used on the air are NEXRAD (WSR-88D) doppler radars owned and operated by the National Weather Service. On WRAL, the NWS radars that we routinely use for near real-time data (denoted by the sweeps) are in Raleigh, Morehead City, Wilmington, Wakefield VA, Blacksburg VA, and Greenville-Spartanburg SC. I'm not certain, but I would assume the other stations in the area use the same group of NWS stations or some subset of that list, since they are the closest to our region geographically. In addition, you will see us display national or regional radar composites covering any part of the United States. All of this data is produced by the national network of NWS, DOD and FAA-operated WSR-88D radars.

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