I miss the South eastern United States Doppler. I used it regularly. I can see what is happening in some adjoining states and how fast the weather may be moving.

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Tom Gardner

MIKE MOSS SAYS:     Tom,    We don't have any way to restore the same southeast loop that was available through our old web site. However, we do have a similar coverage area in our Mid-Atlantic and regional radar loops. These loops do not have a very high time resolution (one image per hour) but do cover an eight hour period, which is longer than a lot of other radar views. We are looking into ways to increase the efficiency of our map generation method so that we can lapse the imagery in more detail. Meanwhile, here is the address for the mid-atlantic eight hour loop:

Also, for a higher time resolution (but shorter time duration) you might want to check out a National Weather Service southeastern U.S. lapse available at

A combination of the two might be ideal for you, since one covers a longer span showing larger scale patterns and the other shows more detail about recent trends over the past 60 minutes or so.

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