Hi guys. I never watch TV, so I may just be missing this on your website, but whatever happened to giving out heat index information? Also, how is that calculated?

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Joanie Johnson

MIKE MOSS SAYS:      Joanie,     While our old web site had a set of weather calculators that would allow you to compute heat index, so far we haven't added that capability back to the new site, though we may do so in the future. However, we do include the heat index in the "Current Conditions" for both our studios and the Raleigh-Durham airport. Just click on the Current Conditions link on our main weather page. If you do not see heat index listed, that means that the combination of temperature and humidity that presently exists does not produce a heat index that exceeds the actual temperature. This is usually the case if the temperature is less than 80 degrees or the dewpoint is less than about 58.

The heat index itself is calculated using a formula that combines the air temperature with relative humidity, and produces a value that represents what the air temperature would have to be in order to produce the same level of heat discomfort and the same level of cooling efficiency if the humidity were actually at a lower, comfortable level. Here is an address where you can find tables and/or calculators for computing heat index.

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