Why dont the experts seed the clouds, if and when they develop in Tennessee with silver iodide, start up the silver io generators and just maybe you would get rain in n c... just wonderin...

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Hilary Mauzey

MIKE MOSS SAYS:       Hilary,    That's often suggested when droughts develop over a region. Unfortunately, cloud seeding, while thought to be moderately effective under the right conditions, is typically not considered helpful once a drought pattern is established, because part of the problem with being in a drought is that the types of clouds (with correct temperature profiles and sufficient moisture content) and supporting weather patterns that might allow for increased rain become very rare during those periods, or the ability for even seeded clouds to produce significant rain during a drought could be suppressed by the larger scale weather patterns in place during the event. That being the case, the agencies that would fund and carry out a major seeding program might consider the costs and difficulties involved to outweigh any likely benefits.

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