Years ago I purchased a weather radio from WRAL. At that time I lived in Caswell County. I now live in Greensboro. How do I change my location on the radio to receive the alerts for Guilford County?

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MIKE MOSS SAYS:    Linda,     What you will need to do is reprogram the radio to use a new FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) code for Guilford county, to replace the one that was initially programmed into the unit for Caswell County. The new code will be 037081 - anyone else interested in looking up FIPS codes for a central NC county can find them at

It has been a few years now since we were affiliated with the company that sold those particular radios, so I'm afraid I don't have specific instructions handy for how to replace the old code with the new one. Hopefully you still have the User Manual around. If not, you can often type the make and model number of a radio into a search engine along with the word "manual" or "instructions" and find an online version, or call the manufacturer for assistance. Good luck!

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