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Where can I find evaporation data on the internet for the RDU area regarding daily observations of evaporation as recorded when using U.S. Class A Evaporation Pans?

Posted June 26, 2007 4:56 a.m. EDT

MIKE MOSS SAYS:     Nick,   Probably the best source for that information is the State Climate Office website and their CRONOS database. The system allows retrieval of hourly, daily or monthly data from a combination of FAA, NWS and "ECONET" weather stations across the region. Most of the Econet (formerly AGNet) stations include evaporation measurements. These are not done using pans, but an automated instrument that should replicate pan evaporation reasonably well. To access the sites in general, see


Here, the Econet sites are indicated by green dots. You can select one by clicking the "Info" button and then clicking on the station of interest. More directly, you can go to a Raleigh site called "Reedy Creek" by using the address below, and can select a different Raleigh site along Lake Wheeler road by changing "REED" to "LAKE" in the address below.