Just curiosity. As each WRAL meteorologist finishes with his/her weather segment on the morning or evening newscast, the anchor person almost always says "Thank you, Mike!" or "Thank you, Greg!" or "Thank you, Chris!". But NEVER do they say "Thank you, Elizabeth!"; its always simply "Thank you!" and it sounds very awkward (as if they want to say more - but are not allowed to). Can you tell me why they are doing that?

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MIKE MOSS SAYS:      Peter,    during certain morning show segments, we are experimenting with providing a second, regionally-targeted weathercast that is nearly simultaneous with the one you are seeing Elizabeth do. The other weathercast originates from a different location and is carried out by a different meteorologist. In order to accomodate this procedure, which requires precisely timed entry to and exit from to the weather "window" by both meteorologists, we had to add the brief WeatherCenter animation that you see just before the weather begins, and then at the end of the weathercasts the anchors are in effect saying "thanks" to two different people.

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