Somewhere on your web site there was a way to look up archived weather information. It supplied temp., heating and cooling degree days, etc. I cannot find it currently. I think it was called weatherunderground or something like that. Could you provide any direction on that?

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Dale Ulmer

MIKE MOSS SAYS:      Dale,    Our old site had a drop down date selector for historic weather information that went to an archive page from Weather Underground showing observed weather at RDU for the selected date. We currently have a link on our "Almanac" page that says "Detailed observation data for previous dates." This link takes you to the same site, but defaults to the previous day. From there, you can use a date selector to go to any other available date and can also change to any other weather observing station. We may be changing the link soon to bring back the date selector on our own page so that you can select the date you want before being routed to the Weather Underground display.

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