Has Fayetteville, NC (Cumberland County) ever had an F5 tornado? What was the worst Hurricane that ever came through Fayetteville and how are they classified?

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Loutricia Nelson

MIKE MOSS SAYS:     Loutricia,    Reliable (and reasonably accessible) records on tornado observances in the Fayetteville area reach back to about 1950, so I can't address what may have occurred before then. Howver, saince that time there has not been an F5 tornado recorded in Cumberland County. However there have been two violent tornadoes rated at F4 on the original Fujita scale. Those occurred on April 8, 1957 and March 28, 1984. The first injured 8 people in the county while the second resulted in no reported injuries or deaths.

Picking out a "worst hurricane" for the Fayetteville area is a little trickier. Details are sketchy, but hurricane remnants that moved through eastern and central North Carolina in late September 1928 and early October 1929 both resulted in serious flooding on the Cape Fear river and surrounding areas. In terms of wind impacts, though, there's no contest. Hurricane Hazel in mid October, 1954 produced winds that gusted as high as 110 mph at the Fayetteville airport.

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