I was wondering if Central NC was experiencing an abnormally 'windy' 2007? It seems that we have had a lot of wind this year.

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Christopher Sauls

MIKE MOSS SAYS:      Christopher,   The numbers reported by the Raleigh NWS office for RDU would not seem to support that, even though we have had a number of quite windy days. It may be that we tend to forget how windy previous winter/spring periods have been once we've gone through a mostly quiet summer and fall season. The reason I say that is almost every year around this time we get a few questions here or by e-mail asking if we are having an unusually windy year! As for 2007 so far, here's how the numbers stack up. The list below is given as "month / average monthly wind speed / normal average monthly wind speed."

January / 6.4 mph / 8.0 mph

February / 6.3 mph / 8.4 mph

March / 6.8 mph / 9.1 mph

April / 6.9 mph / 8.7 mph

Going by peak winds for each month, the top wind in January was 32 mph compared to a record of 70, the peak in February was 40 mph compared to a record of 64, the March peak was 58 compared to a record of 61, and in April we may have set a new RDU record, as the peak was 48 mph compared to a previous record of 47.


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