During daylight savings time, at what hour of the day do we normally reach the high? Sometimes it feels hotter at 5 than it does at noon.

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Anne Faircloth

MIKE MOSS SAYS:     Anne,     You're quite right that it is often warmer at 5 pm than at noon during the warmer half of the year when Daylight time is in effect and the days are considerably longer as well, so that the sun is still at a relatively high angle above the horizon that late in the day. High temperatures during the Daylight time period are most common during the period from about 2:30 pm until 5:30 pm, and vary some from day to day depending on the specifics of cloud cover, wind speed and direction and timing and amounts (if any) of precipitation. Of course, especially strong frontal passages (which become less frequent through the warmest parts of the year) can cause an occasional day with the high in the morning or at night, but the great majority of days have highs that fall within the mid to late afternoon window I mentioned.

During the cooler parts of the year when we are on standard time and have shorter lengths of daylight, high temperatures more often occur within a window from about 1:30 to 4 pm.

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