For my weather and climate class, we are keeping a weather journal. Where could I find yall's map archives of the surface and upper level flows?

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Marissa Kish

MIKE MOSS SAYS:     Marissa,    We do not maintain archives on our site of surface and upper level weather maps. However, there are some resources on the web that you can tap into that should be helpful.

For surface maps, the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center (HPC) makes archived surface maps for the U.S. and for North America available at this address

Another place that you can go for a surface map archive, that also includes some archived four-panel charts that include two upper level maps (850 millibar (especially useful for tracking deep warm and cold airmasses) and 300 millibars (good for the general circulation including jet stream flows)), along with global sea surface temperature archives, is

Here are two more sites that have good archive access, both surface and upper air, and allow you to view or construct maps at several levels through the depth of the atmosphere

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