I know you get alot of wedding weather questions but I'm gonna ask anyway. What does the weather look like for May 5th 2007? I've seen one predicting RAIN!!! and one says partly cloudy..I trust you guys and what are my odds of staying dry? Its an outside wedding in Four Oaks 27524. Thanks a million...

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Judi (soon to be) Jackson / Perry LaGrange

Related question from Perry:     I am planning an outdoor wedding on October 6. Can you tell me what the weather was on that day for the last 5 years?

MIKE MOSS SAYS:      Thought I'd group these two together under a "wedding theme" today. First, for Judi, current computer projections show some significant uncertainty about the particulars of Saturday's weather. We look to be on the west side of a deep upper level trough, which is usually a dry pattern. However, there may be a stalled low level frontal boundary in the vicinity, so a smaller scale disturbance moving in from the northwest and interacting with that boundary to create some precipitation wouldn't be impossible. That said, it is just too early to have much confidence and a reasonable forecast this far out is for partly cloudy skies and just a slight chance of rain. The temperatures will likely be a little below normal, with a high in the upper 60s or low 70s most probable as it stands now. Of course, I'd recommend keeping watch on the forecast trends as we draw closer to the weekend. Best wishes!

Perry, rather than list the observations from the last five October 6ths, I will point you to a good resource that we have linked on our site where you can go back and review those dates and any others you might like to delve into. If you click on the "Almanac" link on our main weather page, you'll see a link labeled "Detailed observation data for previous dates" that will take you to a summary of yesterday's weather conditions for the Raleigh-Durham airport. You can change the date on that page to any day since 1948 (for RDU - this will vary if you switch to another location). The data available here is very detailed for the past ten years, less so for older observations. Hope that helps!

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