I remember it snowing on Easter when I was about 7 years old (that would have been around 1975). I lived in Pinehurst at that time. Do you have any record of it snowing on Easter?

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Liana Johnson / Steve Thompson

Relate question from Steve:   "When I was a kid, I seem to remember having snowfall in early April around 1982 or '83. When was the last time, besides this morning, that we had an early April snowfall in Wake County?"

MIKE MOSS SAYS:    I thought these two questions were reasonable to address in one response, both being related to late season snowfalls.

Liana, as for Pinehurst around Easter, I checked for any measurable snow in records from there for Easter 1974 (Apr 14th), 1975 (Mar 30th) and 1976 (Apr 18th) and could not turn up any events, even when the entire months of March and April were included. However, it is possible that snow could have fallen but failed to reach the threshold of being "measurable." The records available for Pinehurst for those years do not include "Trace" precipitation amounts, and in the case of a late season snow, even a Trace can make a big impression visually, so while I couldn't confirm your memory about this, that doesn't necessarily mean it didn't happen. Also, I did note that there was a 3 inch snow at Pinehurst on Mar 25th, 1972, but Easter that year was on Apr 2nd.

Steve, regarding Wake County the answer depends a little on what you mean by "early" April. The most recent occurrence of any snow at RDU before Apr 15th was a third of an inch that fell on Apr 11th, 1989. A trace was recorded there on Apr 5th, 1987, and if you stretch the definition of "early" a bit, there was a more notable snowfall of 1.8 inches at RDU on Apr 18th into the 19th, 1983. That may well be the event you are thinking of.

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