I saw that you have a 30 temperature chart on your site, is a 90 day chart available? Or is there a chart that shows the average daily temperature for the past 90 or 120 days, on a daily basis?

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John Vaughan

MIKE MOSS SAYS:     John,    We do not have a trend chart longer than 30 days for now, but there are some sites I can refer you to that you may find useful. First, the Climate Prediction Center has a temperature time series product that includes access to graphs for RDU. These graphs cover 30, 90 and 365 day periods and are available at

Raleigh can be found under the "Southeastern 1/4 of United States" links.

There are also some temperature graphs (monthly and "year to date" available from the Raleigh NWS office. See this address for more info:


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