I was just viewing your next 5 day forecast. I know the night temperatures are cool but, is there a possibility for frost in the forecast. It seems to me that last week I understood Mike Maze to say there would be no future frost dates. Did I understand him correctly?

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Mary Dawn Bass

MIKE MOSS SAYS:    Mary,    While we're still a little far in advance to have a great deal of confidence in particular numbers, it does appear we have a fairly good chance at frost or freezing temperatures on a couple of mornings in the Friday through Tuesday time frame, and it wouldn't be out of the question to have actual air temperatures dip into the 20s over parts of the area at some point during that cold stretch. I'm not certain what Mike said last week regarding frost dates, but I'm pretty confident that he would not have ruled out some additional frost yet to come, since we were still in March at that time, and historically have about a 10% chance of dropping to the freezing mark or below at the RDU airport even toward the end of April and early May.

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