What is a reliable site or source to find the yearly mean average temperature for Raleigh? Ideally I would like to compare the yearly average temperature for the last 25 or 50 years. Thanks.

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Lee Frye

MIKE MOSS SAYS:      Lee,    I would suggest the Southeast Regional Climate Center site, where you can obtain historical summaries for several states around the region. For North Carolina data, go to this address:

There, click on the dot for the station you're interested in, then look along the left side of the screen under "Period of Record" and "Temperature," and click on the "Average" link under the "Monthly Temperature Listings." For the Raleigh-Durham airport, you'll find monthly and annual average temperatures from 1948 forward. Another Raleigh area station, listed as "Raleigh 4 SW" when you mouse over it on the map, has similar listings that begin in 1892.

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