Sometimes Greg mentions during his forecast that "on this day a number of years ago we had X number inches of snow..." How can we find out this kind of information?

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Jill Ward
MIKE MOSS SAYS:     Jill,      The basic source of most of that information is in the form of "Local Climatological Data" summaries from the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) in Asheville. These reports include a listing of daily snowfall and reported snow depth. Access to these forms online does require payment to the NCDC, although they do have some other data that is free of charge. The web address for NCDC is

You can also access monthly, but not daily, listings of snowfall at the Southeast Regional Climate Center, at

That same site also has a listing of the records for each day of the year, called "Daily Summary Stats" so you can at least check what the greatest snowfall on any given date was. Note that there seems to be an error for the listing at RDU, as it is missing the big snow of late January 2000 for our area.

Finally, for many of the larger snows in our region over the past 25 years or so, the National Weather Service has a case study on the event listed at its web site. See

and look for the "Winter Storm" events...

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