Is there a table showing the meridian crossing time of the moon for each day in the Raleigh area?

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MIKE MOSS SAYS:     Mitchell,     You can easily generate such a table using the Rise/Set/Transit tool provided by the U.S. Naval Observatory on their astronomical calculations web page. Just go to the following address
Once there, select the moon as the object of interest and set the state to NC and location to Raleigh. To get a table, just select the date you'd like to start with and the number of days to calculate, and submit. For example, you can do a monthly table for February by entering Feb 1 as the start date and 28 days for the duration, or a table for the entire year by starting with Jan 1 and calculating 365 days. The table will contain the time and azimuth (true compass direction) of moonrise and moonset, and the time and altitude (angular elevation above the horizon) of lunar transit, which is passage of the moon across the local meridian and its highest point in the sky.

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