Is it too late for snow as we go into mid February? Let it snow ! ! !

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Jennifer Dawson
MIKE MOSS SAYS:     Jennifer,    It certainly isn't too late in terms of our historical records, although they can not tell us what specifically will happen this season. You might be interested to note, though, that we had over 5 inches of snow at the Raleigh-Durham airport as late as March 26th (that was in 1971) and got almost 2 inches there on April 18th, 1983. It does appear that for the next week or so, we'll take a turn toward normal or above normal temperatures, which would imply a better chance of rain during that period whenever precipitation-producing systems move through the area. Beyond that, though, we have no solid clues as to how the winter will end. The climate prediction center, based in part on the lack of any especially strong signal like an intense El Nino or La Nina, rates both our temperature and precipitation for the month of March as having an equal chance of ending up below, near, or above normal.

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