Where can I go to get an MM5 model for the Carolinas?

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Charles Daniels
MIKE MOSS SAYS:      Charles,     Here is an address for a basic page with a medium resolution MM5 run covering the entire U.S that also has a map with links to other sources of MM5 output at the top of the page.

Note that the link map seems to contain a number of outdated links. In some cases, they simply don't work - in others (the NASA link for example), the same page now utilizes a different model for weather forecast images. Also, the USAF link used to be a good location for MM5 output, but like many other military links, became much more restrictive after 9/11 and is difficult if not impossible to get data and imagery from now. It does appear you can get updated output that includes our state from the UM and SUNY links. Note that each site has both a medium and high resolution set of output, but in each case the high resolution model is centered on their local areas and excludes NC. The MCNC link in our state is also no longer an accessible source.

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